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About us

The beginnings of the family business started in 1993, for almost 30 years we have been operating as  a family company employing over 200 people. Our scope of activity covers Poland and Western Europe. We cooperate with universities such as: AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice, West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, University of Szczecin, Cracow University of Technology, Rzeszów University of Technology, University of Technology and Humanities in Bielsko-Biała and the WSB Department of Rail Transport  in Dąbrowa Górnicza.


The main areas of our business activity:


Railway and tramway overhead contact line fittings  

We are among leading manufacturers and suppliers of overhead contact line fittings on the Polish rail market. Our priority is to implement innovative solutions which meet the demands of our customers. As a result of this strategy, we have managed to develop the fittings for high-speed rail elaborated on the CuNi2Si alloy  We have completed works on the contact wire consumption meter and a new type of brass-based fittings for tram and rail traction. We are currently in the process of commercialization of a device for the continuous measurement of the operating parameters for the overhead contact line.


Modernization of railway and tramway infrastructure

We provide services related to construction works ranging from disassembly of the old overhead contact line, erecting and assembling the supporting structures from the materials which we manufacture, hanging new overhead contact line,  to repair and maintenance works of the railroad surface. We also perform works associated with makeover of railway engineering structures, construction and renovation of tracks, replacement of railroad sleepers, tracks, switches and switch sleepers.


Die forging and machining

We specialize in the production of high quality copper alloy, hot die forgings made on the forging press lines with a pressure of up to 250 tons. Additionally, we are in the possession  of a continuous copper alloys casting process  and a process of die-casting details from copper alloys.

Get to know our basic rules of work

Mission of the company

Our goal is to provide our clients with highly advanced technical solutions based on knowledge and experience with respect for the natural environment.

Company vision

The leader of innovative solutions in the field of railway and tramway overhead contact line fittings.

Vision support

Through a diverse team of employees consisting of enthusiasts, technologists and scientists, we implement our vision, and innovative solutions bring us closer to the mission.

Our values

We operate in a constantly changing environment, but what remains constant are our values to which we have been faithful for years. They allow us to remember what is most important in our business.


We are full of energy and enthusiasm. Our passion is business, our companies and customers.


We are constantly looking for new challenges and we want to be the best at it.


We are constantly developing technically to meet new challenges. We also support our partners.


Each member of our team is equally important. Respect and safety are our priorities.

KUCA GROUP is a group of capital-related companies with various specializations regarding rail transactions. It was established as a result of the development of KUCA company with the aim of creating a common platform for business activity and enhancing communication between companies. Due to this strategy our clients receive comprehensive rail services.

The Group consists of the following entities:


The company is among leading manufacturers of overhead contact line fittings in Poland. Its long-term and active presence on the market contributed to expanding the scope of business activity to production and specialized metal services. KUCA Spółka z o.o. in its broad range of services offers specialist works in the scope of riveting – by traditional „hot” method and caulking of the sheets of shell plating of ships and bridges – as well as welding and assembly services. We produce steel elements such as tanks of different kind, gangways, floats – using TIG welding methods, semi-automatic welders and our own range of machines. We have automated mold forging press and a copper alloy foundry at our disposal. We also offer services of corrosion protection – shot blasting and spray painting.

With many years of experience we are able to satisfy the demands of our customers. The acquired knowledge allows us to set new goals, and achieving them is rewarding for both our team and the clients. Facing challenges stimulates the development of our company and the constant improvement of the quality of our products and services delivered in Poland and the EU. The trust and recognition of our clients is the result of the service provided by our highly-qualified employees.

KUCA Rail Service LLC

We have expanded our business by offering services related to construction works ranging from disassembly of the old overhead contact line and fitting the steel and pre-stressed concrete poles with new equipment to repair and maintenance works of the railroad surface and the lane along the railway line. We also perform works associated with makeover of railway engineering structures, construction and renovation of tracks, replacement of railroad sleepers, tracks, switches and switch sleepers, weed control, mowing green belts of railway lines and tree and bush removal.

Kuca Investments LLC

A company in the possession of properties, present and planned, in all business entities belonging to the KUCA GROUP.

Kuca Projects LLC

A company established as a special purpose business entity (inwestor or co-operator) for selected investments regarding the execution  of tramway and railway overhead contact line fittings delivery as well as modernization of rail system.